Thursday, February 17, 2022

Disgraced Andrew Cuomo Fighting to Keep Ill-Gotten Book Advance

 For those elected or appointed to in “public service” it should be a pretty basic rule

Something to be pounded into an officer holder in public service ethics school
You don’t while a governor use your office to double dip
You are like a server serving your constituents you don’t get added to your salary a massive tip
Andrew Cuomo who became the media superstar with his COVID-19 reports
Now and then attacking Trump for his perceived in Cuomo’s eyes a lack of support
For the MSM on their COVID-19 ticket to the White House Cuomo could do no wrong
They lined up to a pseudo “journalist” person praising the Emmy to him that came along
Ignored the carnage and deaths his rule on patients with COVID to nursing homes sent
To spread it like wildfire and many residents to morgues soon be sent
Then when the morgues could handle no more to refrigerated trucks
All the while concealing the facts on deaths to the outrage of public scrutiny duck
Not a word of concern from MSM when to his coronation as COVID-19 Number One fighter seal
He negotiated a $5.1 million story of his success in a book deal
Even dragooned state workers to help him get his book out the door
Where because of his newly reported sex scandals readers chose to it ignore
Forced to resign from the office with for now his pension cash
But now forced to return his ill-gotten $5.1 million stash
In honor of the exposing efforts of Janice Dean
Revocation of his Emmy to complete the humiliation scene
© December 14, 2021 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 

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