Friday, February 25, 2022

Pelosi Rants We Should Appreciate the Brilliance of Biden on Ukraine Huh?


In terms of facelifts and ending facial wrinkles a wonder drug is Botox
But with repeated uses on the face near the brain is there a cognitive pox?
Pelosi with her vanity is most likely a heavy Botox abuser
May work for her face but in terms of mental prowess it makes her a real loser
According to her we Americans need to Biden’s brilliance appreciate
As Russian tanks and troops pour into Kyiv and Ukrainians await a deadly fate
We should rest assured with his years of experience he is the right man for the job
Even as shell after shell into the capital the Russians lob
Obama’s former Secretary of Defense probably said it best
On every issue of important foreign policy Biden failed the test
What Biden knows about Ukraine is limited to knowing how Hunter can extract quid pro quo
And how to squelch a corruption investigation by canning the investigator or without leaving aid he would be on the jet to go
He may have known the area and the personalities a long time ago
But today not an ounce of strength only weakness is he able to show
As Russia with its invasion moves ahead
Leaving more and more Ukrainians wounded or dead
Where the brilliance of search lights are needed what do we get?

A man more like a dimming 25 watt bulb that hasn't stopped fading yet Listening to Pelosi praise nonexistence brilliance should make us dread Worse is the realization we are stuck with three more years until we can him shed

© February 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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