Sunday, February 6, 2022

Manchin Is One of the Moderate Blue Endangered Species Sinks BBB and Filibuster End and Supports Murkowskiecispegang

Senator Manchin is clearly a senator of an almost extinct breed
Who when it conflicts with the national interest his party’s call he will not heed
Refused to end the filibuster in the Senate when the winds of inflation were ramping to fiscal hurricane force
With trillions of printed dollars to be stoking the fires with Botch Back Better if we didn’t turn from our spending course
It should come as no surprise that Senator Murkowski who is facing a tough primary has received his support
How can you work with someone across the aisle to get needed things done and then in an election year abort?
The divide that widens every day in the swamp is that moderation and compromise have become dirty words
Our leaders have become political hacks swayed not by voters but by party fringes whose volume not content is heard
While on issues like opposition to open borders or support of voter ID, the voters’ voices are rarely listened to which is absurd
Few others like Manchin are prepared to cross the aisle so solutions to pressing problems are deferred
Instead of debate on the issues over the top rhetoric and ad hominin attacks are preferred
Thanks to Manchin with help from Sinema on the filibuster and spending some sanity has been insured
Although Biden’s policies and cognitive disabilities are portending a Blue Wave
Many of the Blues retiring are moderates and the Blues’ rapid move to the left will be saved
Two more years of political chasm and divide that with the growing power of the PAC’s  purse
Will not free us from the partisanship curse
Which is so destructive and perverse

© February 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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