Wednesday, February 2, 2022

China Must Think Genocide and Slave Labor Are Olympic Winter Games Events It Will Win


Slowly but surely the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear
“China is an existential threat” that we must now and in the future fear
Almost a day does not pass when Chinese jets intrusions across Taiwan’s border appear
Clear signs along with the threats that an invasion by China is coming near
In China’s mind, Taiwan is a province that illegally from the mainland has broken away
And may no longer as an independent and democratic nation stay
Like the Olympics in 1936 that elevated Nazi Germany to the status of a civilized state
And tempered during the events violence against the Jews that when over would mean the ovens would be their fate
China has had the crown of legitimacy upon it bestowed
A “civilized” nation with athletes competing in the Winter Olympics ice and snow
Unlike Hitler in !936 who before and during the Olympics violent antisemitism reigned in
To focus on the superiority of its Aryan athletes he was sure would win

China in provinces far away from the Olympic sites continues to impose on its minorities slave labor and genocide
Sadly in the pursuit of profit American companies seduced by China’s markets size seem to be going along for the ride
NBC who has broadcast rights for the Beijing Winter Games
Is pushing the Games 24/7 and daring not to expose China’s human rights abuses and it shame
Laura Ingram of Fox has the temerity to propose “Not One Minute” on Winter Games viewing
Sponsors may learn backing human rights abuses while a threatened invasion of Taiwan is brewing
Is a way to see sales drop and lots of red ink
As more Americans wake up to realize China’s policies stink
© February 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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