Friday, February 25, 2022

Don't Count on China to Join in Russian Sanctions and Question How Long Europe Will?hqu A

If you had hoped China would join in Russian sanctions it’s a hope to forget
China a decade long deal to import coal and oil in its biggest trade deal yet
Lifted restrictions blocking the importing of Russian wheat
Making it easier for Russia to the ‘most severe’ U.S. sanctions defeat
While the U.S. seems to be buying Russian oil still
Russian troops and tanks moving into Kyiv to kill
Europe at first stand with Ukraine during the winter chills
Held hostage to Russian natural gas we should question their continued will
For the first time in its history has assemble a NATO reaction force
Mere show and saber rattling or a real effort to push Russia to change course?
Wars start by planned design with desired objectives in mind
But sometimes due to accidents or miscalculations to which an attacker is blind
With 4 nuclear powers with armed troops nearing harm’s way
When does reason and rationality to defuse the danger come into play?
Or how long does Ukraine suffer and bleed
Until Russian body bags fill up and Putin the costs begins to heed
Sadly we have a president who by Putin is rightfully perceived as weak
Making in much more of a challenge to a peaceful end of hostilities seek
© February 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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