Sunday, February 13, 2022

NBC Winter Olympics Suffering Abysmal Ratings As Viewers Fear the Ukraine and Taiwan Invasion Events


While the athletes in the Winter Olympics are using best efforts to win a medal in their event
NBC is scratching their heads and wondering where the expected viewers went
Maybe oblivious to effects of Uyghurs to concentration camps by the CCP being sent
The troubling feeling among Americans that on its aggressive human rights violations China won’t relent
Chinese after seeing Biden for a year must feel his spine has been bent
With Russia ready to invade Ukraine sure that if Taiwan invaded we will fold our tent
Deterrence only works if an aggressor knows that an opponent will with adverse consequences act
Not tied to diplomacy which without military options when push comes to shove will lack
We have not yet seen photos of the massing of landing craft and troop carrying planes massing on China’s shores
But at our national peril we are blind to the threat and taking steps to bolster Taiwan we ignore
Like the photos of Soviet tanks, artillery and APV’s on the border of Ukraine
Given China’s desires to bring Taiwan back as a province how can they refrain?
Biden may have advisers with backbone and spine free from the deadly contamination of woke
But if they are there to counter the mentally and physically weak Biden images he invokes
They seem to be silent and based on Afghanistan withdrawal fearful of giving sound advice
Which is needed more than ever as we seem destined to be stuck between a Sino-Russian vise
© February 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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