Sunday, February 20, 2022

Montgomery School Board Member Tries to Remove Parent Revealing Her Mask Hypocrisy and Then Storms Out of Meetingnt Storm


Some members of the Montgomery County School must think they are gods free from critique
With super thin skins flaring up when photos of their hypocrisy on mask mandates on Facebook are leaked
A parent outraged that the board was still trying to force students to masks wear
Set off a board member whose maskless photos the mother claiming hypocrisy shared
Demanded the parent be removed from the meeting for disparaging the board
As a uniformed police officer so summoned on the parent moved toward
Another member with obviously more sense and an appreciation of the first
Told the mother to continue despite the thin skinned board member’s outburst
Like the four year old brat who does not get the game he wants to play
The outraged board member stormed out of the meeting no longer to stay
Caught on video that provoked outrages on Twitter
Slamming the board member’s thin skin and being so bitter
McAuliffe lost to a Red because in education the wishes and concerns of parents he arrogantly chose to ignore
In Virginia looks like there are school board members who did not get the message and need it repeated more
One outburst and temper tantrum may not be enough for a recall vote
But this thin skinned hypocrite is foolishly rocking the education boat

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