Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Women's Sports May Become an Endangered Species Due to Competition from Transgender Males


When Nixon signed Title IX banning discrimination in education based on sex into law in 1972
Many athletic directors were concerned that many sports in their programs were through
Money from ticket sales, broadcast rights and royalties from athletic gear
Were essential to fund athletic programs for teams to be able to appear
Football and basketball generated enough funds to allow lesser sport teams to take the field
With Title IX and no women’s football teams only women’s basketball would any surplus revenue yield
If for every men’s sports a school needed to field a distaff team
Without the revenue of women’s football, athletic budgets would be creamed
But the women in college and high schools were not to be denied
Even on shoe string budgets women’s teams were formed and with Title IX schools complied
All the progress in expanding the number of female student athletes is now under attack
Biologic males identifying themselves as transgender females were beginning to against women compete
Again and again women competing against transgender males were being blown away going down in defeat
It is a biological fact compared to men women muscles, strength, and speed lack
Almost a guaranteed outcome that one on one a male would prevail against woman on a field, stadium, pool or track
Maybe a level playing field for transgenders and males in hormone levels of the two are the same
But equal hormone levels may depend on when the hormone therapy became part of the hormone equalizing game
Playing sports in high school or college is not for the faint of heart

Time devoted to practice and games competing with grades that may fall apart
It will be a rare female to spend the time and energy and run the risk of  lower grades
To suit up for an athletic event with transgender males who will a woman’s chance for a medal degrade
5 Red Senators have introduced a bill that would transgender males from competing in women’s sports
If enough Blues join in no longer will we see women against faster and more muscular transgender females despite all their training keep coming up short
© April February 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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