Saturday, February 19, 2022

AOC Flying First Class While Her Voters Dodge Bullets and Struggle in Squalor


AOC is living proof that a rabid socialist in power not yet
A frugal life style with luxuries to forget
But when the she has the power reins
Any frugality goes down the drain
Living the life of Riley enjoying nothing but pampered times
While her crime threatened voters struggle on nickels and times
A flight of three hours with only snacks as a meal
And not much leg room is not a big deal
First class ticket from Dallas to the Swamp runs 4 to 6 hundred bucks
With upgrades like a meal and booze that the coach mortals are out of luck
Why taxpayers or donors have to subsidize her travel upgrades
Her ranting of support the poor and disadvantaged she degrades
And if the first class ticket was due to trips to and from the Swamp and her  NYC home  mileage plus reward
Instead of Amtrak means she should be skewered by her hypocritical Green New Deal sword

© February 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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