Sunday, February 20, 2022

Once Again Our Inept Over Her Head VP Makes a Fool of Herself Without Trademark Cackle Only Words


Listening to Biden speak and one has to feel empathy for one whose brain is failing and failing fast
It’s likely a fate most of us may experience despite our efforts as our time on the planet longer years last
But listening to Harris speak and one feels only disgust and shame
Disgust that she represents the best we could do due to race and gender card to blame
If Biden had any neurons still working to possess and retain a cognitive thought
He would have an alert and cognitive and experienced running mate sought
He did not and we have to witness inept amateur hour on the world’s stage
As an invasion of Ukraine Russia seems most likely in days or hours to wage
Claims with an earnest face that the toughest sanctions the world has yet seen
Will deter Putin and from the desire to invade Ukraine will ween
Then without her trademark cackle or chuckle showing she’s in over her head
Intones that Putin has decided to invade Ukraine instead
The best and brightest Biden in his past may have thought he qualified
But Harris’ actions the title best and brightest defy
God help us if Biden strokes or forces the use of the 25th
With Harris our once vaunted ship of state will be hopelessly adrift
© February 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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