Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Looks Like American Truckers a Bit Late on Vaccine and Mask Mandates Will Be Aping Canada But Right On Point On Biden and Fuel Prices


It looks like American truckers may be aping their trucking cousins who wave the Maple Leaf
Forming trucking convoys to from vaccine and mask mandates and high diesel prices demand relief
With vaccine and mask mandates evaporating like puddles on a Death Valley scorcher day
Maybe not the time as mandates are fading quickly away
Heading to the Swamp to block traffic on the Beltway
Most likely will not favorably the nation’s opinion sway
But the issue of diesel soaring prices is another matter
Contributing to the inflationary surge that middle class budgets batter
Fuel prices are rising for three reasons all of which should cause us to Biden blame
First, from almost immediately after he was sworn in
The quick decimation of our domestics fossil energy he took drastic steps to win
Second he unleashed the printing press to billions upon billions of dollars to print and introduce
Which as any economist will tell you that increasing money chasing after goods will set the inflation hikes loose
And Thirdly, he put his head in the sand and Russia for months on the border troops and tanks massed
Did nothing to augment Ukraine’s ability to defend itself as the time to ship enough weapons may have passed
Truckers seeing prices soar with Biden the hardship seemingly to ignore
Are right to be in protest of fuel inflation demanding its continuation continue no more
© February 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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