Friday, February 4, 2022

Jumping for Joy That Biden Will Name Black Female to SCOTUS Schumer Forgets LBJ Named Marshall to Break Color Barrier?


For Biden and his leftist minions Justice Breyer’s retirement
Is like the judicial manna that from heaven has been sent
A chance to with 50 votes confirm a new Justice to the court
Who will side with the liberals and not Biden’s agenda cut short
With ratings in a downward accelerating free fall
A win to the decline finally stall?
Biden immediately stacked the appointment deck
Announced he would as his nominee a female black judge select
Cart before the horse to pick a nominee due to gender and race
And the idea that SCOTUS should uphold and defend  the Constitution replace
Howls of outcry to force a walk back
Biden would consider others even if male or not black
Believe that and you believe Kabul would not fall
With all our aid and training the Afghan Army would the Taliban stall
Schumer was jumping for joy that choice had been narrowed to black female
Lectured us that SCOTUS consisted only of white males until 1981 until Sandra Day O’Connor
And until 1991 was still all white until Clarence Thomas had the breaking the color barrier honor
Poor Schumer must have biased cataracts on his eyes and selective neurons from bias also dead
To from the ranks of SCOTUS Thurgood Marshal from the list of Justices somehow shed
Merely too much excitement causing a mental lapse
Or disbelief that a Southern Blue was first to lift the all-white trap?

© February 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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