Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Bias Invades NYT Crossword as Answer of Capitalism Vice Is "Greed"

The Gray Lady once again shows she’s off her rocker
Not content with bias in OpEd’s News in Crosswords also has shed its bias blocker
Vice was the question for what capitalism was infected with
“Greed” was the answer or rather was the myth
Ironic that Bezos’ company Amazon the New York Times owner
Is a capitalist super star that rarely hits singles but almost always out of the part homers
Making a profit is not sin
It's the path how hard work is able to win
Try to name a country whose the living standard communism or socialism has raised
Look long and hard and you will not find a country that will merit praise
Look to Venezuela or Cuba or Russia all without a middle class
Tough struggles to insure the next generation move up the ladder to the prior generation pass
Profits mean surpluses to create safety nets and fund philanthropy to society better
While state ownership the drive to succeed and grow wealth is fettered
Maybe Bezos bought the New York Times to always have a forum to expound on his views

While Amazon’s profits, revenues and employment always grew
Money to dabble into space or to dominate the charitable scene
Not to from half his wealth by divorced be weaned
Not greed but desire to climb the financial mountains to leave legacies as yet unseen
© February 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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