Sunday, February 6, 2022

Russia Prepares to Invade Ukrainians Prepare to Fight with Wooden AK-47s

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and is the only way to a story tell
As Russia moves closer to invading Ukraine to impose upon it a fiery hell
We see numerous photos of Russian tanks spewing lead
And lots of well-armed soldiers preparing for the conflict ahead
In Ukraine we see photos of soldiers and civilians in combat drill
But it looks like many will be shooting splinters as they try to Russians kill                                                                                                             

AK-47’s made of wood without bayonets
A Russian walkover is a really safe bet
Russia has been massing its troops on the border for some time a well-publicized fact
What has Ukraine been doing to arm its troops and a Russian offense meet?
Have they been looking to the U.S. and NATO to take the laboring oar to stave off defeat?
We know the U.K. and the Baltics have disbursed $600 million in arms
And the U.S. finally in the last few days has airlifted in $200 million more to counter the approaching harm
Probably not enough and unlike his false assurances on the Afghan Army staying power
Our military is advising us that the Russians will be in the capital in 72 hours
Given the slaughter by Stalin of the peasants in Ukraine
There should be a willingness to fight and die to try to a Russian invasion contain
Question now is why has Ukraine with the aid of our allies armed itself better
To slow the Russians down and their quick advance fetter
The more Russian blood shed while sanctions kick in to its economy bleed
The calls for a cease fire and pull back a greater chance Russia will heed.
© 2/5/22 The Alaskanpoet

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