Saturday, February 19, 2022

Putin Probably Does Not Believe the Sanctions Threat Will Occur--Why Not Implement Now To Invasion Deter?w


The signs Russian invasion is nearing are crystal clear
Large numbers of troops leaving barracks to invasion jump off sites now appear
Civilians in the Donets section of Eastern Ukraine being evacuated
NATO and U.S. Embassy moving out of Kyiv to escape shelling and bombing fate
During World War II the Germans against the Russians learned to their dismay
Once a bridge head was formed unless immediately attacked was so hard to push them away
If the invasion is going to occur and is beyond debate
Why does U.S. and its allies on sanctions imposition only wait
If declared today Russia will know with certainty we have fished and not cut bait
If as threatened by the likes of Harris and Pelosi will be severe to Putin’s need to control Ukraine abate
Or more likely with Europe’s need for Russian gas and oil
And Biden’s war on fossil fuels ruin our ability to Russia’s energy chokehold foil
Europe when faced with the choice of keeping the lights on and its factories humming
Or having its needed energy to survive cut off doubt continued support for sanctions will be forthcoming
With China ready to be become a customer to soak up all the oil and gas Russia can produce
The urge and will to continue the vaunted sanctions will quickly run out of juice
Biden’s perceived weakness sadly means that the Cold War will return
This time the Reagan and Trump lessons we must retain as we relearn
The only thing that Russia and China will respect
Is the presence of massive force to their expansion by conquest reject
God help us and damn Biden for putting us in this mess
Maybe in unifying the country to face existential Russian and Chinese dangers we might have success

© February 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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