Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Biden's Approval Going Lower Than a Limbo Dance Contest


If Biden were competing in a dance contest instead of the polls

He would be in the lead heading toward his winning goal
The dance contest is the Limbo to see how low under it a dancer can go
Before gravity delivers its back to falling back on to  the floor blow
Sadly he is not and if the Limbo pole were a polling graph
Alarm bells would be ringing loud and clear to be heard by his staff
Beset by disaster of the week or even by the day
Any thoughts of confidence in his skills or leadership fading fast away

The latest is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to be added to the growing tally
Months of Russian troop buildup on the border countered with only dilly dally

Only talk of sanctions to be levied and promises of possible arms to come
Not much of a deterrence as the beat went on on the massing war drums
Now in a typical too little, too late moves dollars short
Hoping against all hope that Putin will his invasions curtail or abort
Sanctions in the past might have worked but probably effectiveness has come to an end
Especially since now China is now Russia’s best oil buying friend
And if the amount of the country Russia occupies is the whole entire
Green light for China to roll the dice and implement the Taiwan invasion to unify the breakaway province to which it aspires
Poll numbers sinking like a stone, Blue rats leaving the ship
All the while Biden continues to display his fading cognitive grip
The most dangers we are facing in a long, long time with no help in the wings from an inept number 2

Even with a Red Tidal Wave this year, 3 more years of tough slogging to with this chaos be through

© 2/23/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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