Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Pelosi in a District So Safe She Would Be Elected as a Corpse Hears the Sounds of the Red Tidal Wave


Pelosi is in a district so safe it should be called “An Election in Bernie’s District”
Not the Bernie who is Sanders but the Bernie in the movie who needs to kill to prevent an embezzlement charge to stick
Who dies of an overdose but his two victims pretend he is still alive
To from an assassination contract on them survive
Weekend at Bernie’s was unreal but Pelosi’s robot voters would probably for a corpse their votes cast
Yet she must be hearing the sound of the approaching Red tidal wave and knows her Speakership will not last
Since as Speaker she is a lightning rod to bring out nationally the Red vote
Tries to defuse that wrath by announcing that 2022 is last year as Speaker she will devote
Doubtful many believed her that she is running for the kids
As a puppet for the teacher unions who follows what they bid
Support of lockdowns and mass mandates that as John Hopkins’ study now reveals
That have been counterproductive to help communities with COVID successfully deal
Rather the school closings and move to on line learning have our kids’ education severely set back
Curtailed their needed mental, emotional, development to gain the skills they now lack
Pelosi also has the destructive blood of CRT on her hands
Forced down the throats of kids who can’t its propaganda of their being racists withstand
Having her as Speaker for even a few more days now is a disaster to continue on Blues’ her iron grip
Hopefully there are 6  Blues that her grip defy to move the House away from the left and the balance of power to Reds tip
© February 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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