Saturday, February 5, 2022

While Uyghur's Facing Genocide Winter Olympics Potemkin Community of Peace and Harmony Shattered by Chinese Interrupting Broadcast

 In China the Winter Games may B known as the lockdown games

As the Omicron virus is in infection breakout mode & hard 2 contain

Massive quarantines & lockdowns 2 halt the spread

John Hopkins study ignored by MSM reveal very ineffective method instead

At least the persecuted Uyghurs R not alone as they R driven 2 concentration camps

Through brainwashing & physical abuse 2 their Muslim beliefs revamp

Athletes are being warned they are under surveillance that is 24/7 complete

From the time they wake up until they win or go down to defeat

Today during a live broadcast of Dutch TV the announcer was pushed on the screen

What he was televising the Communist Party did not want to seen

NBC has paid $7.75 billion for exclusive broadcast rights through 2032

If ratings fall because of Uyghur genocide the network is in a hot water stew

American companies sold their souls to be able to broadcast ads

As more and more genocide news leak out when will viewers believe they have been had

To turn off their TV or to switch TV Channels

To not watch games supported by evil that put people in the proverbial kennel

Laura Ingram with her call to watch not one minute more

Set in motion a call that would be next to impossible to ignore

If to satisfy their Chinese puppet masters American corporate censorship becomes the order of the day

Companies like Coca Cola that attacked Georgia voting law yet ignored Uyghur slave labor should see American business go away

© 2/5/22 The Alaskanpoet

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