Monday, February 21, 2022

Joyless Reid Loses It When Obama and Biden Not Of RNC Tweet of Great Presidents


Once again we have come to expect from Joyless Reid
Ranting bias that those with common sense and reason will not heed
The RNC tweeted a Happy President’s day to great presidents who were all Red
Reid hit the ceiling because Obama during Black History month was shed
And his then Vice President now in the Oval Office seat
Was photo’d but as a great one merited a “not you” delete
Nixon’s inclusion with Watergate deserved not a rant but merited a reasoned debate
Whether the conspiracy dwarfed ending Vietnam War and opening Red China’s closed gates
Maybe the RNC on this holiday in a bipartisanship attempt
Should have included FDR, Truman or JFK but their exclusion merited not Reid’s ranting contempt
She should have complained that the DNC did not tweet out their own great presidents’ list
But instead she was unable  to an anti-Red biased tweet resist
This ‘journalist’ must be more like a cat with nine lives
Leaving viewers to wonder with failing ratings how long she will survive
Thank God for those who believe her partisanship rants are sick
Can with their remote the channel changer click
© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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