Saturday, February 19, 2022

Munich 1938 Not Deja Vu With Ukraine President Pleading for Help His Nation's Case


This weekend in Munich was like a déjà vu of 1938
With Nazi Germany threatening to enter Czechoslovakia through the Sudetenland gate
Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier and Mussolini met to impending war prevent
Without the Czechs to whom no invitation to attend was sent
To appease Hitler and prevent war Germany was allowed to the Sudetenland annex
Chamberlain returned with a piece of paper claiming war with Germany had been checked
The loss of the Sudetenland meant the loss of border fortifications
Leaving the nation ripe for the taking
And by March 1939 the remaining rump of the nation was under the German heel
And Poland was the new target for German speaking lands within it to steal
Once again another conference with Ukraine in the crosshairs and on its border Russian troops massed
But now the nation was not pressured to cede but to resist the invasion likely to come to pass
No U.S. or NATO troops to assist only arms and the economic sanctions threat
If you were a Ukrainian soldier knowing he was outnumbered and out gunned facing rockets, tanks and jets
Surrounded on land and water on 3 sides
No tank traps, pillboxes or other fortifications to delay an invading Russian tide
With civilians training with wooden guns would you stand and fight until you died?
Knowing that if the invasion could last into the weeks not days
And Russians in large numbers  in body bags heading back Moscow way
With China willing to purchase billions of Russian oil and the sanctions gut
With Russians aping their slaughter in Afghanistan to prevent guerilla war to erupt
God help us and the Ukrainians as bloody soaked time will tell
But with Biden’s war on fossil fuels and European dependence on Russian oil and gas sadly sanctions an empty shell

© February 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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