Friday, February 4, 2022

Question of the Day Will New Owner The Discovery Channel Discover Objectivity at CNN?


Under Jeff Zucker CNN when it came to bias was hyper left
Fairness and objectivity in its news reporting was a daily victim of theft
His minions were instructed to pursue narrative of anti-Trump
Any opposing facts to counter sent to the cutting floor dump
Zucker is now gone for failing to reveal
An open secret sexual relationship never concealed
And in months the Discovery Channel will be the owner of CNN
Causing many to wonder whether it will continue its leftist spin
For those hoping the “Cack News Network” would be more objective don’t hold your breath
The head of the Discovery Channel may be leaning just as far to the left
David Zaslav its CEO proclaims CNN as a leader in news to the left is quite deft
His PR people walked back the comment as the use of “left and right” do not pertain to news
But whether a company is on the right side of profits with black as opposed to red ink to view
Somewhat of a waffle as he talked about his prior posting at MSNBC
As the nation polarized the trend was for viewers to the same drift see
Zucker’s sycophant Brian Stelter must be breathing a sigh of relief
Thinking being left is still a badge of honor not an omen for career grief
Time will tell but if CNN continues its increasing leftist slant
Ratings will continue to crash unless to objectivity the network revamps

 February 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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