Tuesday, February 22, 2022

In Harris County Land of 700 Open Murder and 25,000 Felony Warrants Man with 2 Felony Warrants and on Bail Shoots and Kills Cracker Barrel Manager Trying to Stop Robbery


As the murder rates across the land surge more Americans feel their safety has gone to Hell and a handbasket
As far too many Americans too often minority are ending up in urns or scattered or buried in a casket
The Perfect Storm of defund and rail against the police, no bail and leftist D.A.’s that won’t prosecute
No wonder more and more officers and prospective recruits no longer want to wear a badge and blue suit
Harris County in Texas home of the Houston Astros, Rockets, and Texans is ground zero of the Perfect Storm site
As bodies pile up and violent assaults roam the streets stark reminders we are losing the War on Crime fight
Harris County is cursed with 700 outstanding murder warrants to go with 25,000 felony outstanding warrants
No wonder residents are fearful for their safety in a deadly violent crime hurricane like torrent
Not sure how many warrants are for those who failed to appear after most likely far too low bail
But the judicial system we need to protect citizens clearly looks like it has failed
A case in point in a North Harris County Cracker Barrel Nathan Humphrey with 2 outstanding felony warrants and on bail from a misdemeanor terrorist arrest
Tried to rob at gun point a worker’s purse and when Robin Baucom, the manager tried to prevent, she was killed with a shot to the chest
Why this thug was walking the streets should cause an outraged outcry
The judge and D.A. who set bail with blood on their hands should have further employment denied
Humphrey was identified and encountered  by police and was dumb enough to at them point his gun
They fired to end his criminal murdering career that at the Cracker Barrel two days earlier had begun
Our urban areas have become life the Wild, Wild West
Their law abiding citizens need to be armed or wearing Kevlar vests.

© February 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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