Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Red Wave Election Fears Causing Blues to Shift Right--Will Voters in the Fall Bite?


It’s one thing for an office holder to toe his or her party line
Blues have mastered the art and in the past any straying has been confined
Pelosi in the House is a tyrant of the first rank
Not voting as she demands and one’s access to committee assignments or funding help just sank
But Blues are beginning to panic as they see a coming Red election tidal wave
The most important thing to an office holder is “What party?” I have to my seat save
Losing one’s seat trumps all other fears
The leftist rants of the Squad are now falling on deaf ears
In a tough race likely to be flipped, Nevada Governor Sisolak
Is bailing from the Blue left and tacking a different tack
Welcomes, unlike McAuliffe who lost, parental input in schools
Supports not defund the police but pay for more police and fund more crime fighting tools
Most people have a hard time to with a straight face and being sincere
Do a 180 and toss principles they have long fought for and hold dear
House Blues are either retiring in droves or becoming born again moderates or leaning more to the right
The big question in the fall after years of tax and spend, PC, race and gender cards and most recently CRT will voters bite
Or view the change more like a  wolf in sheep’s clothing last minute brazen attempt
And on election day view them with utter voting contempt

© February 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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