Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Trump Warns Taiwan Is Next Thanks to Let's Go Brandon


Trump has rightfully labeled Putin and Chinese President Xi as the “evil twin sisters”
Warning the world Taiwan will follow Ukraine to be hit by a Chinese “shock and awe” military twister
In the Ukraine we did not have a treaty obligation under Article 5 of NATO to defend
Only a moral claim based on democratic principles to arms and munitions to them send
We did in a halfhearted  and too late insufficient manner
Not even a speed bump to deter surging tanks with Russian banners
The defense of Taiwan is a different poker game with much high stakes
The Taiwan Relations Act requires us to sending defensive arms to enable defense against offensive actions the PRC may take
It declares that Taiwan’s security is of vital interest to the United States
Ambiguity not a treaty by for decades has any invasion been able to abate
But now China must see Biden weakened by two foreign policy back to back disasters
The cut and run from Afghanistan leaving Americans and allies behind and now Ukraine that the threat of sanctions did not master
Taiwan unlike Ukraine has a 100 mile ocean barrier from China’s shores
That would make seaborne invasion a much more difficult chore
If unlike D-Day where the Luftwaffe was absent from the skies
Taiwan had received enough fighter jets to an invasion fleet the beaches hinder or deny
Enough tanks, missiles and artillery to pound the ships, landing craft and troops who managed to land
And invasion coupled with a supply of replacement arms they might withstand
But given Biden’s past the Chinese may have no fear
Feeling all that would happen would be useless diplomacy as the invasion fleet appeared
American troops like those in Korea in Taiwan could be a tripwire
Attacking them on Taiwan would raise the stakes unacceptably to both sides much higher

© February 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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