Monday, February 21, 2022

Putin on Ukraine Aping Give a Moose a Muffin

 Russian tanks and troops have moved into invasion attack positions and Putin recognizes the separatist positions in the Donets as independent

The next step would be instead of UN Peacekeeping Helmets Russian troops as “Peacekeepers” to be sent
The first round of our “most severe sanctions the world has seen” soon to be in force were quickly announced
Ludicrous to think banning American investment in the DNR and LNR regions of Ukraine will cause Russia to its invasion renounce
Since we and our NATO allies have only halfheartedly bolstered Ukraine with weapons and munitions to aid in its defense
Any sanctions only threatened now not in force or crippling is pure Biden typical nonsense
Graham hit the sanction nail squarely on its head
Russia must be booted from the world’s financial system instead
And the idiocy of curbing our energy production must be scrapped
Watch how quickly the price of oil will fall and Russia’s ability to pursue aggression be sapped
Our energy resources  must be fully tapped
Our coal and LNG sold at prices in the world market that Russian sales will be zapped
The Achilles Heel of the Green New Deal has been exposed for all to see
Until we have slowly bridged the gap to increasing renewable energy from Russian petro-extortion the world will not be free
For the U.S. with China holding the ace in the hole in the manufacture of solar panel cards
Transfer billions from the infrastructure fluff to solar panel domestic production to Chinese monopoly power be barred
© February 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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