Monday, January 31, 2022

Despite Failed Policies and Hypocrisy Newsom Feels Bullet Proof After Recall Victory


One may disagree heavily with his leftist policies but as to political smarts it is hard not to agree
Facing a recall election Newsom quickly dodged the gathering recall storm to find the lee
He and his advisers quickly transformed the recall into a Red valid election power grab
Managed to portray Larry Elder as a “white supremacist and racist” and the narrative grab
No longer about shutdowns and lock downs that put millions out of work
His EED which handled unemployment checks melted down and its responsibility to send out checks shirked
His secret Chinese mask deal ignored
His closing of public schools to in class learning to parents and kids gored
Kids suffered mentally and emotionally which was not intended
Exempting private schools where his kids attended
Closing down “nonessential businesses” with cannon like volleys
While leaving open the more capitalized big box retailers in a fit of folly
The outrage of being wined and dined maskless at French Laundry with fine wine and cuisine
By a lobbyist whose health care clients did business with the state that seemed obscene
The hypocrisy of do as I say not as I do as troubling to him as water off a duck’s back

Any sense of integrity and truth this hack politician totally lacks
Caught maskless again at Rams 49ers playoff probably by a lobbyist comped
On his own statewide mask wear he totally stomped
Beat the recall and must believe he is immortal and above the law
God help us if voters don’t vote him out this fall due to his policy and character flaws
© January 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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