Thursday, January 27, 2022

On Bryer's Replacement Will Diversity of a Black Female Rule While Meritocracy of Non Female Justices Drool


As Biden’s poll numbers sink
And a Red Wave in November is what Reds think
Murphy’s Law on SCOTUS stage appears
Justice Breyer after the end of the term into retirement will disappear
After his Biden appointed successor has been confirmed
Unless a Blue dies or resigns in the Senate Blues will determine who gets a life time term
Already Harris and Klaine, the Bobbsey Twins of the left, in selection will be key
Rest assured their pick will not be someone conservatives or moderates will want to see
Breyer may change his mind and wait till after the election
Doubtful as for sure that would result in a flipped Senate confirming Biden’s selection
But as a moderate voice and worried about the politicization of the court
Might be an influential voice to progressive demands for a leftist idealogue to abort
Biden promised a black female appointee to SCOTUS when he ran
Since she has been such a failure as the one heartbeat away right hand
Would Harris recommend herself as future political office based on performance is a pipe dream?
Interesting question but Biden’s few remaining neurons would never let his insurance against the 25th leave the Oval Office team
Biden’s last chance to be the unifier and the Progressives’ rants and demands ignore
And bipartisanship necessary to solve growing problems facing the nation restore
A justice on SCOTUS is supposed to be one of the best and brightest
Yet Biden has promised only a black female can pass the selection test
Not sure how many black female judges now of the judicial bench occupy
But suspect it’s less than 10 percent which means the other 90 percent of candidates cannot apply
We pray for the nation’s sake that the black female picked would based on skills be the right choice
That meritocracy would prevail rather that the left’s siren call of the need for diversity voice

© January 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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