Friday, January 28, 2022

Rivera's and Mora's Death May Mark the Pendulum of Criminals' Rights Swinging Back to Favor Victims


NYPD Officer Rivera’s dream to be a police officer and serve and tear down in Harlem anti-police walls
Was cut short far too soon responding to a 911 domestic disturbance call
A mother fearful for her life from the acts of her 47 year old son
Who retreated into his bedroom and came out shooting and when the shooting was done
Rivera and his partner Mora were fighting for their lives with wounds to the head
The 47 year old son shot by a third officer was in the same condition would be soon also dead
Both Rivera and Mora despite great efforts by the hospital staff could not be saved
Today was Rivera’s funeral and the parade of police was miles long past sidewalks of mourners with farewell waves
One might think the outrage of seeing two men cut down in their prime
Might cause the thugs and felons to take a breather from their deadly police crimes
Sadly not so as in Houston three officers were shot with suspect now in jail
In Ferguson, site of the Trevon Martin riots, two officers were shot after attempt to nab murder suspects failed
And in outrage in doubling economies of scale
An illegal alien from El Salvador who escaped from his native country jail
Benefiting from our open border with not enough agents and walls incomplete
Shot and killed a Texas constable without warning and fled down the street
When will the pro-criminal, anti-victim Blue leaders in our cities pull their heads out of the sand?
The waves of death and destruction in our cities we cannot much longer stand
Until a Red wave of governors, mayors and councilpersons from office these leftist Blues sweep
To the cheers and roars of appreciation at safety returning to our public places and streets  

© January 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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