Thursday, January 27, 2022

Record Year for Cops Shot and Killed As Murders Surge Leading to Red Wave If Voters' Memories Don't Fade

346 members of the thin Blue Line in the line of duty were shot
In 63 cases attempts to save them sadly went for naught
In the same year nationwide almost 1000 civilians have by police been killed
In Chicago in the year 2021 for the year almost 800 were added to the butcher’s bill
The Chicago killing and wounding spree rarely involves the cops
No it is mainly men of color killing and wounding men of color that will not slow or stop
When a black is shot by another black there are no protest parades
Many are when a funeral is held to go to it and pay respects afraid
Mayor Lightfoot should be renamed Lightweight as the carnage she is clueless on how to cope
After years of ignoring Trump’s offers, she has finally come to the end of her rope
And seeking help from Biden to flatten the curve
As more and more of Chicago’s finest feeling not supported no long want to serve
Add to the never ending wave of color on color shooting a leftist D.A. Kim Fox
Who seems to view the never ending stream of victims, not the felons, as a real pox
The warning bells in Blue camps are load and clear ringing
Defund the police, don’t prosecute and fed up residents a Red wave will be bringing
The DNC and Biden probably get down on their knees daily to pray
That memories of the killings and shootings, carjackings and smash and grab will fade away
With saved videos and neighborhood stores still boarded up the memory loss should be remote
While Blues still cling to felons’ rights and victims of crime be damned, voters will know the Blues on crime have missed the  boat
January 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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