Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Voters Rights Bill Is Not About Voting Rights But Illegal Alien Voting Fraud

 Joseph Goebbels in dealing with the West and the German public had a basic rule

If followed the Nazi Party would again and again them able to fool
If you want to lie repeat it again and again as being true
After enough times any belief in its falsehood would be through
In politics the Blue Corollary is that the label describes only what’s in the bill
Repeat the label enough times and opponents to oppose it will lose their will
Biden is now focusing on the Voters Rights Bill
Who in a democracy would want to the right to vote kill?
In a democracy voting is a sacred right
Who against it would want to fight?
But a basic tenet of democracy is that only citizens get to vote
And voter ID for voters creates against illegals voting an effective moat
The Blues assert that the bill assures every voter should be able to vote and their vote should count
For every citizen’s vote cancelled by an illegal alien is a loss of a citizen’s voting rights tantamount
The bill is not a Voters Rights Bill but an Illegal Aliens Rights to Commit Voting Fraud
Banning showing a voter ID to vote proves it to be deeply flawed
The only way the Blues will succeed in this fraud will be to the filibuster in the Senate end
There may be bills so critical to the nation that the filibuster is waive but this one the rule we must defend
© January 11, 2022

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