Sunday, January 30, 2022

Biden Sheds Meritocracy In Favor of Quota Pledging Black Female Nominee to Replace Justice Breyer


A nominee selected for SCOTUS should be chosen from a pool of the best and brightest
Not a pool consisting of only those who passed a gender and ethnic test
Biden to get the nomination from the Blues sold his soul to Rep Clyburn
His fee for an endorsement to rescue a failing candidate that only a black female could a SCOTUS nomination earn
The issue is not whether his black female nominee would be qualified which should be hopefully the case
But that all others qualified never were allowed to leave the dugout and try to reach first base
Diversity is an admirable trait and all things in the case of a nomination being the same
A black female Justice would be a welcome addition to on SCOTUS be named
But if the perception is that others would have been a better choice
But because of their skin color and gender Senators never heard their voice
The perception may be that the nominee was selected only because she was black
And the support SCOTUS needs as arbiter of  blind justice and rule of law would lack
Not a bench of nine equals of minds not cast and calcified in stone
But some of merit and others needing a quota boost to call SCOTUS their judicial home

© January 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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