Sunday, January 16, 2022

Salt Lake City Tribune Editorial Board Demands Unvaccinated Be Subject to House Arrest Enforced by the National Guard

 As infections from the Omicron variant soar

And some politicians and the MSM common sense seem to ignore
First is the myth that vaccines prevent the spread
In reality what they do is lessen the severity instead
Fully vaccinated even those also with a booster are getting infected
In addition to mandating vaccinations another more dangerous act is selected
The editorial board of the Salt Lake City Tribune is demanding the unvaccinated be locked in at home
Calling not for ankle bracelets but the National Guard to insure they never leave their residential zone
All for a disease that results in .113% of the active cases in serious or critical condition
Calling for an act that merits only scathing opposition and constitutional prohibition
Maybe the editors assumed that doggy doors would allow food to be delivered
And the condemned would always be able to work at home and not cut off from income to on the vine wither
If we would listen to these idiots and their demands put in place
What are the next diseases or conditions would be the excuse to our freedoms replace?
Pneumonia or the flu that cause many to become severely ill or dead
Ignoring the fact the annual shots do not stop their spread
Another misguided example of the nanny state protecting us from cradle to grave
Put into germ resistant isolation bubbles to the experience of what makes us humans wave

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