Thursday, January 27, 2022

Biden Sold His Soul to Clyburn with Female Black Justice Vow and He's Here to Collect on the Vow


Now that Breyer has announced he will from SCOTUS  retire
We learn that Biden sold his soul for the Oval Office he aspired
Down in the primary polls and watching his nomination chances evaporate
Blue Whip Clyburn demanded to get his support a Biden vow to a black female to SCOTUS nominate
Biden caved and pledged in a Blue Primary debate a black female would be his only pick
From the jaws of defeat blacks in South Carolina heeding Clyburn gave him the momentum that would stick
The black vote put him into the nomination and then into the Oval Office seat
Without them and his vow of judicial diversity he would have gone down to defeat
So another step down the slippery diversity path
Where skin color, gender preference, gender and sex determine if one can practice a desired craft
I am certain that there are numerous black female judges that are qualified but that’s not the concern
It's the erection of a skin and gender test that force the best and brightest to be spurned
We have already seen Justices like Sotomayor on COVID make a fool of herself on severity among kids that did not exist
Was she picked as one of the best and brightest or a racial and sexual slot Obama could not resist?
To SCOTUS, whites and males need not apply
More severe consequences than in NYC 19th Century bars that entrance by “dogs and Irish” deny
Assuming Biden does not find a spine and retract his vow and add nonblack females to the nominee pool
The black female judge confirmed will bear the stigma of less qualified and a black tool
Hope Martin Luther King, Jr.’s casket is wide so he can easily roll
Seeing a Blue move from judge by content of character rather than skin color goal
© January 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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