Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Biden Continues to Refer to Harris As President--Elder Abuse for Him to Remain in Office

 Watching Biden today pushing for passage of the Blues’ Voters Rights Bills

Which are not about citizens’ rights but efforts to prevent illegals from voting kill
Looking frail and dazed beyond his years
As the rages of dementia seem more clear
Once again as he has in the past too many times
Kamala Harris as president is how he her defines
A Freudian slip of the tongue as  he sees the 25th staring him in the face
To confused and dazed to realize that she as a replacement would be a disgrace
Or maybe the few functioning neurons have come to accept
That when it comes to the office he is too inept
Having dementia is not a sin and he should not feel ashamed
Maybe he still hopes drugs are coming to the advancement tame
If Jill is truly his soulmate and for him only wants what is best
It may be time for her to in a quiet moment suggest
That while they have time together with even a few neurons still on line
It is time to avoid the disgrace of the 25th and for the good of the nation resign
Not sure the Blue bench is deep enough to be an effective number two
But have some faith the right person with the skills will see the remaining two years through
So Biden can enjoy his remaining years free from ridicule
With a new team that in getting his legacy passed would be a better tool

© January 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet 

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