Sunday, January 9, 2022

Justice Sotomayor Lost Her Objectivity on Scotus By Aping MSM and DNC COVID-19 Line?

 The Rule oi Law states that Lady Justice must be blind

So how do we explain that Justice Sotomayor has left factual truth so far behind?
In arguments before SCOTUS on the Biden Administration vaccine mandate
She falsely claimed 0ver 100,000 plus kids in serious condition in a CVOVID-19 hospitalized state
Many on ventilators to the virus’s deadly attack to abate
With the true number being 3500 the question has to be asked
Is she free of bias of the DNC and MSM to perform on this case here SCOTUS Justice task?
Or in leaving the truth of the effects of the pandemic to justify the mandate crossing the line
From objectivity and blindness to advocacy to support the narrative the DNC and MSM has chosen to define
Cases are supposed to be decided based on what evidence is before the court
Not the facts a justice would like to create and report
Justices are human beings and try as they might
Free themselves of prejudice within both in and out of sigh
The CDC which has not been an icon of objective reporting of the facts
And on the issue of natural immunity and therapeutic drugs analysis of their efficacy tack
Was forced to correct Sotomayor but like a stuck record pivot to tout the vaccine need
With all of their flip flops and inconsistencies little wonder that Americans their advice continue to heed
Sotomayor on this one has blindfold chosen to toss
She must recuse herself to prevent the Rule of Law from being lost

© January 9, 2022

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