Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021 The Year In Review



2020 Father Time shorn of his scythe in a wheel chair could not hobble across the stage
The 2021 Babe was hopeful but anxious as the COVID-19 pandemic raged
Awaiting the man who promised to shut the virus down
To across the nation from the pandemic make it safe in all cities and towns
Vaccines developed in warp speed were finally being injected in waiting arms
Surely this would be the year finally we would be leaving the pandemic’s deadly harm
Days into the New Year Reds descended on the Capitol and aped the storming of the Bastille
With 14 days in his term left, Blues started impeachment to prevent Trump from going again to voters to their votes appeal
Only president impeached not one time but two
Only president impeached and acquitted twice when the trials were through
Biden sworn in as a unifier and the pandemic killer ranking high on the charts
Immediately on border security and energy production by Executive Orders Biden chose to depart
Quickly pushed through a Blue controlled Congress the inflation seeds of a massive stimulus bill
As national debt IOU’s were piling up in the nation’s till
The border became open and thousands upon thousands of illegals flooded across each day
Harris was named immigration czar but despite pleas for months from the border she stayed away
The combination of defund the police and leftist D.A.s releasing those arrested was the Perfect Storm
Homicides and assaults mostly in Blue run cities soared and victims’, mostly of color, safety was shorn
A new term of robbery was upon us the “smash and grab”
Mobs of thieves smashing display cases and fleeing knowing they would be released if nabbed
A promised infrastructure bill and cornerstone of Biden policy was stalled
And despite assurances to the contrary, to the Taliban Afghanistan quickly begin to fall
A botched withdrawal by our military that left American citizens, green card holders and allies behind
12 Americans guarding the airport killed, scenes of the helicopters dumped into the sea after Saigon evacuation coming to mind
Inflation caused by the Fed printing money to fuel Biden’s goals
Was beginning to surge and on American workers beginning to take its toll
Another COVID-19 variant hit us and for it Biden was unprepared
When test kit production should have ramped up, Biden’s test kit cupboard was somewhat bare
Omicron is more contagious but less likely to hospitalize or kill
But sheer weight of numbers infecting are crowding hospitals and adding to the butcher’s bill
The man who campaigned that no one with the number of deaths on his watch should be president
Has passed Trump’s death count with 18 days and counting left in his term in numbers of infected to the morgues sent
His Build Back Better in the trillions of money to be spent
Thanks to two courageous Blue Senators has for now to the trash can been sent
Vaccine mandates are adding to the shortage of truckers, first responders, medical personnel even those in restaurant work
Supply chain shortages adversely affecting business while the DOT Secretary his tasks seems to shirk
On the globe geopolitical crises with China, Iran, North Korea and Russia are ticking to explode
The verdicts in the trials of Rittenhouse, the murder of Aubery and the false reports of Jussee Smollett
Showed that our jury system works and is a winning take it to the bank bet
Sadly Biden is viewed by our foes as weak and frail unable to wear the mantle of leader of the free world and carry the load
Larry King, Colin Powell, John Madden and Betty White left us this year
While for Meghan Markle, Cardi B, Princess Beatrice and Rep. Stefanik welcomed babies to appear
But the America spirit was still front and center responded to this devastated natural disasters
We await tomorrow to see if Alabama will another national title in football against Georgia master
If only in 2022 an election year can the rabid partisan ad hominem attacks put into the trash
Take it to the bank that New Year’s Eve celebration will be a huge successful bash
© January 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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