Tuesday, January 11, 2022

CDC Can't Tell Us How Many "COVID" Were Caused by Another Morbidity to a Victim with COVID

 Walensky, the head of the CDC, may be a great doctor but when it comes to articulating the facts

She is about as reliable as a train that keeps running off the tracks
Being interviewed on Fox she could not with a factual answer reply
How many deaths reported as COVID were other conditions that caused them to die
Pivoted to the fact that Omicron was a new variant and the death data still being collated

The pandemic pre Omicron has been killing for almost two years which may imply the COVID only deaths are inflated?
We follow the science is the CDC’s mantra, its so often repeated cry
But to do so one needs accurate data to know what caused victims to die
With hindsight watching the CDC the impression becomes politics was what it followed
In 2020 Trump’s efforts to fight the virus were often portrayed as empty and hollow
The CDC became the equivalent of a one trick pony and shed all but vaccine hopes from its quiver
Belittled the therapeutics that seemed to work as hoaxes but Trump still managed vaccines to deliver
Despite all the efforts of the private sector to deliver under warp speed
Could not arrive before election to give the voters confidence they would need
Biden ran on a campaign from his basement that no one with over a quarter million COVID deaths on his watch
Deserve to be president when the death number showed his fighting efforts were botched
To add another nail to the election coffin the Blues spread the perception
Any vaccines or drugs developed under Trump were not to be trusted and merited a negative reception
Water under the bridge but Biden’s sound bite on deaths and being president
With his deaths and infections outnumbering Trumps and testing in shambles will this fall have many Blues out of office being sent.
© January 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet 

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