Monday, January 31, 2022

Meritocracy Drools, Quota Insanity Rules to Pick SCOTUS Nominee


For a layman the best definition of insanity to cut through to the quick
To pierce all the multisyllable Greek and Latin words to see whether a person is really mentally sick
Insanity thus so defined is to repeat an act and expect the same result
In picking his VP running mate he used the quota insult
Had to be a minority female and went through the motions to select
He quickly settled on Kamala Harris who based on her first year should have been a clear reject
From her inane cackles when faced with a question that how to answer she’s without a clue
To her being MIA on the open border that some 2 million illegals came through
When she attracted in the primaries almost zero votes in the polls
Hard to believe Biden could not see was not a voter magnet but a to be avoided shoal
Now due to maybe constant hounding from the left as Reds are likely to the Senate retake
Any Justice retiring in 2023 would mean that a liberal Biden nominee the Red controlled Senate it would forsake
Justice Breyer has announced his retirement and the opportunity to appoint a new Justice has fallen into his lap
But sadly Biden quickly announced that he was going down the insanity outcome trap
His selection would be a black female which means all other genders and races he will not be consider
Now paying the piper for Rep Clyburn’s support before South Carolina primary as highest bidder

His nominee may be qualified but not necessarily the needed best and brightest
Quotas rule, meritocracy drools and she will be hobbled by “she owes her seat to quota” people will suggest
Huge uproar from left and right over a the fact for the selection a race and gender quota will rule
Walked it back that all qualified would be considered but those who believe that claim are fools

© January 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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