Friday, January 21, 2022

Shawn Smith, Alleged Killer of Brianna Kupfer, Arrested Will Gascon With No or High Bail Keep Him In Jail?

 Thank God for surveillance cameras and citizens with cell phones

Surveillance to record the face of Shawn Smith before he fled the area of his killing zone
Great photos of him buying a vape stick less than a half hour of robbing Brianna Kupfer of her life
Walking into Croft House where she was working alone and stabbed her with his knife
Walking past a man in Pasadena who called in that a man who looked like the suspected killer by had walked past
A call to mean that this suspect’s freedom from his random violent act would not long last
Quickly arrested and the drama now moves to Gascon’s bailiwick
What kind of enhanced charges and bail will time in jail before trial stick
The D.A. seems pro criminal and soft on victims rights to the point of they should pound sand
Emboldened by the first recall attempt without enough signatures he could withstand
Hopefully the tide has turned when a white college grad is killed in an upscale shopping district
That upper income residents will rise up in mass to Gascon’s pro criminal leanings restrict
Recall him out of office before more innocents are killed, maimed or robbed by thugs augmented those released on nominal bail
Unless D.A.’s like Gascon are recalled out of office not matter how many police are funded back in, attempts to reduce crime will fail
© January 20,2022 Ridley's Believe It Or Not 

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