Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Biden Demonizes Those Who Oppose His Voting "Rights" Ignores Real Issues Like Inflation


The man who became president with a pledge to the divided nation unify
Showed his true spots in Atlanta in a speech where those efforts went awry
Animated and yelling out with anger that looked like the teleprompter would melt
Showed his true leopard self and how on opposition to his agenda he felt
With Botch Back Better in the midst of inflation in the Senate dead on the Senate floor
With major crises like the border, inflation, Omicron, China  and Russia choosing to ignore
Pivots to the issue of phantom voting suppression in Georgia and the need to pass voting rights bills
Which will divest election control from the states and the requirements of voter IDs kill
The bills have nothing to do with voter suppression only to make it easier to an election steal
Same day registration, ballot harvesting, no voter ID’s that the cry of voter rights the true intent conceals
The Blues with their open border crusade with almost 2 million counted and uncounted illegals entering last year
Are blind to the true voter suppression when after a citizen votes a ballot by an illegal appears
Biden would have been better served to plea for his home state to ape Georgia’s laws which lower voting impediments
But instead demonizes the overwhelming majority of Americans wanting voter ID’s to illegal elections prevent
Biden in his speech in essence claimed if you opposed the bills you were like George Wallace and Bull Connor
Without the whips, firehoses or attacking dogs but still the goals of racial nondiscrimination dishonor
And even further over the top demonizing rhetoric castigate us as Jefferson Davis to head up a new seceding nation
Biden for this outburst deserves only shame and condemnation
Stop taking what he took to be able to deliver this demonizing speech
Focus on inflation caused by his spending that is destroying low and middle income families it reaches
© January 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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