Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Blind to Root Causes of Illegal Immigration Before Her Eyes Harris Off to Honduras Touting Investment Aidb

 Harris finally once against rises from her Border Czar slumber

After hearing the sighs of Blues wishing they could dump her
Her gaffes rival Biden even when he was young and in his gaffe prime
A staff bully and as to duties like reading briefings having no time
She was picked for diversity to be a magnet for the black vote
Hobbled by arrogance, hysterical cackles and skill less on issues to devote
Off to Honduras on a pampered Air Force Two Flight
To keep her incompetency from even a fawning press out of sight
Another mission to find root causes of why illegals cannot crossing the border resist
That lowers wages, brings in drugs, crime, trafficking and terrorists
Floods our schools and hospitals with illiterates and those for whom our safety net drains
Illegals lured by dollars given as long as Biden reigns
Her solution is ignore the border crossings and invest in Honduras to provide jobs
If Hondurans can find work in a nation free from corruption urge to leave will be robbed
In the long run that may be true but today
The surge increases each and every day
Illegals from countries far from the Northern Triangle
Lured by the economic prosperity and safety we dangle
Not enough room left with our massive national debt that grows
To solve in any time soon the world’s economic and crime problems to illegal immigration slow
© January 19, 2022

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