Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Senate Votes to Subject "Voting Rights" Bill When Bill Really About Suppressing Voter Fraud

 John Lewis was a Civil Riots Advocate and long term Rep worthy of eternal fame

But affixing his name to the misnamed “Voting Rights Bills” is to his legacy defame
Every legal voter should not have any race based barriers on his right to vote
Likewise every legal voter should not have his vote cancelled by an illegal vote crossing the no illegal voting moat
How can requiring a voter to present a voter ID be a suppression of the his right to vote?
How demeaning to assume a voter ID minorities don’t have the IQ or the time to devote
How can preventing paid operatives to from nursing homes or residents ballot harvest
To turn in or sign if blank the party employer and the rest into the trash divest?
How does purging election rolls for not voting  with notice suppress the right to vote
Except the residents who have moved or died and whose remaining the chance for fraud promotes?
With winning office holders like Pelosi having chances to millions make
Or with the massive federal, state and cities billions of dollars to take
Expecting the criminal or ideologue elements among voters to follow the rules is absurd
One person one vote, citizens only, residents only and IDs as opposed trusting one’s word
Joseph Goebbels would be clapping in his grave that the bills were not after him named
Not “Voting Rights Bills” but “Voting Fraud Rights” to preventions against fraud tame
Goebbels preached say a lie again and again with a straight face and into the truth it becomes
With the DNC & its lackeys the MSM who must think all Red and Indy Americans are dumb
The narrative is voter suppression
Not voter fraud repression

© January 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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