Thursday, January 13, 2022

Biden's "Go to Hell" Speech Prompts Sinema to Reaffirm Her Keep the Filibuster Stance


Whatever drugs Biden took to his cognitive failings conceal
Seemed to work as he pushed for his voting “rights” bill with zeal
Raising his voice, no mental lapses, more like an orator well-seasoned
But the drugs could not conceal stupidity and his lack of reason
Sharpton said it best “the speech was one of go to Hell”
Not one trying to persuade a wary nation of what he was trying to sell
If you didn’t support the voting “rights” bill and the filibuster’s end
You would be a Wallace, Connor or Davis to your legacy to send
Among certain individuals racism still persists
But systematic racism most believe does not exist
Biden and his Blues cannot get it through their thick heads
That disagreeing with them does not make you a racist instead
If you apply to Manchin and Sinema the racist George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis label
Be prepared to suffer the effects of the man with the cloak fable
In a test to see who could cause a man to his cloak discard
The Wind huffed and puffed and blew with chills so hard
Only to cause the cloak to be gripped tighter until the Sun beamed warming rays
Or as this poet’s mother would say “with honey not vinegar you catch more flies”
Ignoring that wisdom, Sinema on ending the filibuster will Biden’s rants defy
© 1/13/22 The Alaskanpoet


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