Monday, January 17, 2022

Chancellor of SUNY Resigns Due to Harassing One of Cuomo's Sexual Harassment Acusers

 Now that Cuomo has ended his political career in resignation disgrace

We are learning each day what was behind that charming Emmy award winning face
A sexual harassment tyrant whose workplace was hostile
A bully who would not hesitate to an opponent’s reputation defile
Managed to the nursing homes’ deaths due to his orders conceal
While on his daily briefings sometimes aided by Little Fredo enhance his skill with zeal
But the deaths piled up and we were treated to scenes of refrigerated trucks
Death counts understated, mounting sexual harassment claims he could not duck
The fame of an Emmy soon faded  away
News of Fredo joining his team to allegations of sexual harassment deflect
We learned today of pro Cuomo behavior the Chancellor of SUNY chose to elect
Emails of his harassment of one of Cuomo’s accusers were just revealed
Don’t know whether his behavior was volunteered or due to the demands of a bully coerced
But today under growing public pressure Jim Malatras resigned from his dream job for his behavior so perverse
The adage says “Lay down with dogs and come down with fleas”
In politics “Support the acts of a political pervert and your dream job is history”

© January 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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