Monday, January 10, 2022

Cuomo COVID Nursing Home Scandal Deja Vu In Connecticut?


Cuomo in the initial stages of the pandemic was praised by the MSM as a pandemic hero
His daily briefings were a work of art while Trump’s stood at near zero
Little did we initially know that COVID cases were being sent by hospitals to nursing homes to free up beds
But the nursing homes were not staffed or equipped to stop the deadly virus’ spread
A soon the morgues were over flowing and resident after resident was ending up dead
One would have thought that public officials would have learned
That sending COVID patients to  nursing homes is an idea that should be spurned
But what no longer surprises us on states run by Blues
That’s exactly what Lamont’s  Connecticut is proposing to do
80% of the nursing homes have reported COVID among residents and staff
Though only 5-15 percent of residents are unvaccinated with Omicron the idea seems daft
Blues must have a short memory of Cuomo’s nursing home deadly errors
Now in Connecticut a déjà vu exposing residents there to a repeat deadly terror
© January 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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