Thursday, April 1, 2021

AOC Out to Lunch Calling Illegal Alien Surge As White Supremacist Label


AOC will never let a crisis go to waste
Now that Biden Trump’s border securing polices he has erased
The clarion call of amnesty and a path to citizenship
Another tidal wide of illegals making a dangerous to the border long trip
Growing larger each day and can only get worse
While a frail and mentally fading Biden faces a dementia curse
17,000 unaccompanied minors held and growing in this crisis
The response of Biden and his “go to solver” can only be described as lifeless
Looks life Biden and Harris want to the “Great Society” to Central America export
To somehow with dollars we don’t have economic growth there support
Maybe the Great Society here failed because of the Vietnam War
But Biden and Harris are delusional thinking aid will prosperity in Central America restore
Not when corruption the nations has thoroughly infected
Not when crime is rampant and the rule of law is rejected
Not when cartels are making a killing from illegals trying to leave
And residents in Central America are raking in over $11 billion in remittances from employment here the illegals here achieve
We are despite the rants of AOC of white supremacy condemnation
A very sympathetic and generous nation
But now with national debt off the charts in the trillions and continuing to soar
A surge of unskilled  illegals draining our social services we can no longer afford to ignore
Competing for jobs from our lower income citizens driving wages down
When a ship sinks and lifeboats are overcrowded and capsize every one drowns
This great American ship of state despite its wealth cannot take in the millions in poverty that want to come here
If we do as the open border Blues demand our quality of life and standard of living as we know it will disappear
© April 1, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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