Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Why Vaccinate When Joy Reid Boasts of Being Vaccinated and Wearing Double Mask While Jogging Wrong Message! Joy


When it comes to politics from the mouth of Joy Reid
Her leftist bias means anything she says we should not heed
Her idiocy looks like at comments on politics it does not stop
She is expending into CV prevention and should be mocked
She boasts that she wears masks while jogging outside
Not one but two for the nonexistent virus particles trying to hitch a ride
Maybe at her obese weight she keeps her pace very slow
Maybe she fears that with a mask it will hinder oxygen flow
Like the high school athlete in an 800 meter race
Forced to wear a mask he collapsed near the finish onto his face
Her idiocy on mask wearing gets worse
She’s fully vaccinated by Pfizer to be protected from COVID-19 curse
Boasting she wears two masks sends a message why even vaccinate?
Exactly message we don’t need if we want herd immunity to stop CV to penetrate
Maybe she’s a closet germaphobe like Howard Hughes
Clearly her objectivity has been eroded as a pseudo journalist hack for Blues
Would not want to wish this fate on anyone
But if she keeps wearing double masks on her runs
Less oxygen to raise the risk more of her brain cells will become toast
Rendered even more incoherent so soon to be off the air sparing us from her biased boasts

© April 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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