Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Maxine Waters Not Celebrating Chauvin Guilty Verdicts Her Intimidation Helped Cause What a Joke!

 So Mad Maxine wants us to believe she is not celebrating over the verdicts of guilty

How stupid does she believe mere mortals watching her intimidation expect us to be
If this leftist fanatic  has even half a brain she would know the city would go up in flames
An after encouraging the act she would be big time blamed
She did almost the verbatim same thing while the L.A. Riot was in full bloom
While a $ billion of damage from fires and looting and 63 people met their fatal doom
Refused to ala Rodney King plea for peace
That we need to just get along and the violence cease
No she refused to urge blacks to return to their homes
Not while they were expressing her anger while L.A. was turned into a Beirut like combat zone
The damage to bodies, lives and property was so extensive no one on her stopped to think
That over the top rhetoric by her was fomenting race war by Koreans and blacks and pushing us to anarchy brink
Listening to Mad Maxine in 1992 we made a fatal flaw
Never censured or disciplined for seemingly urging violence against the law
In 2018 she was back at it again urging people to get into Trump officials and supporters’ faces
In this biased fanatic when it comes to reason, civility and decorum not a trace
While the code of silence in the past has deterred fellow officers from complaining of excessive force abuse
Chauvin’s trial proved it is fast fading but among Pelosi’s puppets in the House that code is fully in use
Waters should be censured and stripped of her Committee Chair
True to form Blues on party line 216-210 tabled censure motion to prevent discussion and vote air
© April 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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