Monday, April 19, 2021

Waters Intimidates Chauvin Jury and Gives Defense Overturn Verdict Card--Strip Her of Committee Chair and Censure Hertvauvin o

 Mad Maxine can’t restrain herself and took to the Minneapolis streets

To outside the Chauvin trial courthouse protestors to stop and greet
Urging them if a not guilty verdict is reached
They have to get more confrontational in  a typical ranting Waters’ screech
Improper influence on a jury that does not want to see their city burned
Making it near impossible that a not guilty verdict they could return
The judge was outraged and indicated Waters gave a perfect appeal card
Question now is what Blues will do as a fair trial has most likely been marred?
They were so quick to act against Red Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene
In an unprecedented move from her committee assignments weaned
A litany of social media posts that violence against Blue officials to urge
How much more violence inducing than get in their faces or act more confrontational surge?
This woman has no business a committee chair when she tells ranking minority member to “just shut up”
We should not have to wait  for a mistrial motion or a riot to erupt
Waters should be censured and Blues need to treat her and Greene like two peas in a pod
This nation on edge and the House must not tolerated her rants for violence which are flawed!
Hard 2 believe Pelosi is silent but the gourmet ice cream may have clouded her vision
Cannot see Waters’ acts causing such division
The bare minimum Pelosi on Waters must find the courage to do
Is to inform her that her term of chair of her committee is now through!
© April 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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