Sunday, April 11, 2021

Where's Waldo as Harris Is MIA on the Border Crisis


When it comes to the border crisis all Biden can do is Trump blame
And let MSM reporters trying to regain journalist status play the “Where’s Waldo Game?”
18 days since she was name by Biden for a major immigration role
Not a peep out of her on what or how she will achieve her goals
Is she looking at border security and the crisis here and now
Or acts in the sending nations that aid will in distant future solutions to the crisis allow?
We cannot wait for billions of dollars to Central America to prosperity instill
Or somehow end the carnage of drug wars that there too often kill
With his immigration czar soon, very soon to leave her post
With photos of her looking stressed out and totally toast
One can only be left with the impression that this however temporary chief Blue
When it comes to understanding the immigration chaos teeth his executive orders have sown he is without a clue
No wonder he and Harris will not to go to the border
He or she cannot face what he has caused disorder

© April 10. 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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